Conveyancing: ‘Getting it right first time’

When a conveyancing transaction jumps the tracks and ends in costly dispute: how to avoid this outcome-

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Conveyancing-‘Getting it right first time’

When a lease is no longer a lease

When a tenant fails to obtain professional advice and the lease & security of tenure are advertently ‘lost’: how to avert this pitfall-

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Lease no longer a lease

Tenant headache – from a blank date left on a printed lease form

It all started with a open space left in a simple, standard printed lease document …

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blank date left in a lease

‘Get it in black & white’ Campaign

That is the name of the NSW Attorney General’s Australian-first campaign, urging individuals and families to pre-plan for incapacity later in life.

In launching the campaign jointly with the Minister for Ageing and Disability Services the Attorney General said, “Only five per cent of adults clearly understand the three essential documents – Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship – that are available to plan ahead in case they can no longer manage their financial affairs or make decisions about their health and Lifestyle. (The campaign) … is designed to get people to become informed, take control and plan ahead for themselves and their ageing parents”.

The Minister took this a step further, stating, “Research shows Australians are not prepared for the possibility that something adverse could happen to themselves or their loved ones. We like to believe things only happen to other people and that somehow we’re invincible, but the truth is we are not and we should all prepare for the future. Planning for later life is like having an insurance policy in place – except it covers your health and financial requirements, and ensures your loved ones are looked after …”.

The public interest also has a stake in the campaign, as the Attorney General explained: “With an ageing population, the demand on our courts and tribunals to make an order for the management of a person’s financial affairs and health and lifestyle decisions are sure to escalate,” he said. “It’s not right, it costs money, it causes a lot of trouble in families with a lot of friction sometimes. These should be decisions for the individuals themselves, not the courts.”

To help local families and individuals begin to address these decisions, and so to spare themselves the prospect of having courts and tribunals intervene in their most personal matters, our firm is able to provide local residents with the necessary documentation.

Feel at liberty to get in touch with our firm to ask any questions you may have – and to receive an initial, 10-minute consultation free of charge.